Roulette Games with Multiple Wheels

With the invention of online roulette, software developers have been able to really change the face of gambling forever. Instead of just a single roulette wheel, players can wager on as many as 100 wheels at once.

Three Wheel Roulette by WagerWorks

This game features three different roulette wheels as the name suggests, and players are required to bet on all three wheels before any of them are spun. Each bet placed is multiplied by three--the corresponding number of wheels--and the wheels start turning. If the player wins, they win on each wheel independently and are paid out accordingly. There is also a mini-game known as Color Up that allows the numbers of all three wheels to be considered for a bonus win.

Multi-Wheel Roulette from Microgaming

Similar to the three-wheel offering from WagerWorks, the Multi-Wheel game from Microgaming features several wheels aligned around a central hub. Here, there are eight wheels to consider. The player's bet is multiplied by eight and the player will win or lose on each wheel independently. Also, the game options can be changed so that the player can choose the number of wheels, which is anywhere between one and eight.

Other Offerings

Other online casinos provide their own variations of multi-wheel roulette and some are definitely more fun than others; a few allow players to access as many as 100 wheels at once. Again, each wheel pays out independently and some of these games provide some exciting side-games in which players can participate. Betting systems are virtually useless here as it is difficult to calculate the number of wins as opposed to the number of losses when there are more than a few wheels.

Players who are really interested in a different type of roulette should try a multi-wheel version from Microgaming, WagerWorks or their favorite online casino. They are certainly exciting and provide plenty of ways to win.