Roulette in the Movies

Roulette is one of the most well-known casino games in the entire world and it is available today in many different variations. It is popular in part because it is easy to play, but many believe the movies and media have also added to its popularity.


Casablanca is one of the most well-known movies anywhere in the world and it certainly lends a lot to the popularity of roulette. It was about a couple who wanted desperately to come to America but could not afford the price of the visas. As such, they resorted to playing roulette in local casinos to make the money for the trip. Of course, the outcome of this scenario is not one that is likely to happen to everyone, but it certainly lends an air of mystery and excitement to the game.

Run, Lola, Run and Indecent Proposal

These two modern movies feature roulette during pivotal scenes, and this is thought to also impact the way roulette is viewed. If anything, it shows that players of all different types and income levels are welcome to play roulette alongside the rich and famous. To this day, players of all different social standings enjoy roulette in land-based and online venues. Whether the movies impacted this is hard to say.

The Overall Outcome

These days, people who want to play roulette can play for real money in land-based or online casinos or can even play for free in certain online venues. Everyone has likely experienced roulette in some way and the media continues to infiltrate the subconscious minds of players everywhere by mentioning the game or even picturing the game in the background. While roulette would have likely remained popular on its own, these movies certainly did not hurt.

Players who want to enjoy roulette can always find a free game online or visit their favorite bricks-and-mortar and online casinos for real-money games. Though players may not be as lucky as the people in the movies, they just never know!